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Who would not love a perfectly done and unique landscape? If you are planning to give your lawn a makeover, the Lawn Care Lexington Ky is just one call away! Call us as soon as you can to get further details about our services.

Lawn Care Lexington Ky

Welcome to the home of the best lawn maintenance specialists in the city!

You have probably typed in “lawn service near me” and we appeared on the search list. We are thankful that you choose to visit us instead of finding other lawn care services out there.

For a professional lawn service Lexington Ky, call our team. This time, your question ‘where can I find the right lawn maintenance near me’ is finally answered. We serve lawn mowing service Lexington Ky and all other related services.

About Lawn Care Lexington Ky

Our company has been operating for a couple of years in Kentucky. We have seen how our clients struggle with different issues on Lexington lawn care. We love to see homes and businesses improve their aesthetic values. We know that it takes a lot of energy, time and money.

If you have worked on the interior design, your job does not end there. However, if you are too busy, we will do the task for you to add more years in your property.

What makes us stand out among the rest of these lawn care companies is that we are equipped with extensive knowledge in this field. We have the best people in this industry who are well-trained and highly experienced in their respective work positions.

We are proud to share the stories of our humble beginnings and our struggles before we achieve success in our mission. Our goal is to provide a variety of services with professionalism regardless of the project size. We value our clients’ time and trust. As a result, we are the most trusted Lexington lawn care for many years.

The Lawn Care Lexington KY customer care representatives are just waiting for your call. If you have questions, we would be happy to give you answers.

Why Choose Us?

How do I choose a lawn service near me? Are there differences between lawn care services near me? These questions may sound so common, but they require some work and personal knowledge to find a good answer.

Professionalism and Commitment

Here at our company, there are two things that you will notice immediately – professionalism and commitment. Actually, there are other reasons why our clients want to work with us.

Business Partners

As we grow in this industry, we get to meet potential business partners and we establish a strong working relationship with them. They have seen how we work with honesty and determination. The mutual benefits we provide to one another make it easier for us to render quality lawn service.

Years of Experience

For several years, we have been giving superb lawn service Lexington KY. We serve both residential and commercial properties. We have been a part of the success of many homes and businesses who struggle with yard maintenance. We are consistent in providing state-of-the-art lawn mowing in Lexington Ky.

Customer Assistance

We used all means of communication to help you reach out to us quickly and conveniently. You can use our online form for questions about lawn fertilization, yard maintenance Lexington KY or grass cutting service.

What To Expect

With our team, you can assure that we are given proper training and knowledge on our respective tasks. We do the same processes prior to visiting your property for survey or inspection.

From the moment you search ‘yard service near me’ or ‘lawn care near me’, you also expect to find something that can meet your standards when it comes to the application of technology and equipment.

lexington lawn care services

We use the latest technology in the whole process of serving our clients. From creating a user-friendly interface on our webpage to using advanced tools and equipment, rest assured that you spend your money and time with us wisely. Thus, finding a great service for lawn mowing in Lexington KY should not be too difficult if you are working with us.

We aim to see you smile and feel satisfied as you see the project completely done. We also prioritize safety not only of our specialists, but yours and your family. Just contact us via online form or give us a call if you need lawn mowing in Lexington Ky.

After you scheduled an appointment with us, we will start preparing the things we will need as we accomplish lawn care service Lexington Ky.

Our Services

Check out some of our main lawn care services Lexington Ky as provided below. Our customers request these projects for their home and business landscapes.

lexington lawn mowing

Lawn Mowing

When talking about lawn maintenance Lexington KY or lawn care, the first thing that comes into the minds of the people is a lawn mowing service. When you ask ‘is there a lawn mowing service near me’, you will certainly find a lot. But, do not just give in and trust each promise. Our team will also give tips on how to manage your lawn properly.

lexington lawn edging


Our yard maintenance service includes edging. It means that we will improve the overall condition of your landscape. We know that it is best to get some professional assistance when it comes to Lexington lawn mowing services. We know that lawn maintenance is not as easy as you think. We know what you need from the moment you mentioned about your problem regarding your lawn.

lexington lawn aerating


Also known as core aeration, lawn aeration is provided by this company to heal and rejuvenate lawn from foot traffic and drought. This is an essential type of lawn treatment Lexington Ky that only experts can do. Call us immediately for a survey and we will give you advice about the condition of your lawn.

lexington lawn thatching


Lawn mowing Lexington KY is not just about getting grass cutting service. You might have heard about thatching and dethatching. Lawn thatch is a layer tightly intermingled in the stems, roots, or leaves of the grass. We need to conduct lawn dethatching to prevent the occurrence of lawn diseases as well as other potential problems.

lexington awn fertilizing


Our Lexington lawn service also covers fertilizing the lawn to get rid of annoying insects that prevent grass from growing healthily. For this reason, we are acknowledged as one of the most trusted lawn fertilizer companies in the city. Thanks to our clients, we are able to provide excellent lawn fertilizing service.

lexington lawn weeding and weed control

Weeding and Weed Control

The presence of weeds and pests can be so annoying. But, worry no more because you will get a lawn weed control partner from now on. We utilize innovative and nature-friendly products for weed control Lexington KY. Our process is simple, quick and easy. Please contact us for some inquiries.

lexington yard cleanup

Yard Cleanup

For sure, you are looking for lawn companies that can provide you affordable lawn care Lexington. If you need yard cleanup, we got you. We will complete this job promptly without compromising the result. All you need is to fill out our online form for immediate response from our friendly customer care team.

lexington lawn restoration

Lawn Restoration

We serve both commercial establishments and residential properties. Our customized solutions are ready to serve you for your Lexington lawn care services. If you are looking for a lawn restoration provider, count on us. Your simple landscape will soon become a little paradise of your kids at home and your community.

Contact us today for a free lawn care quote!

About Lexington KY

The area population of Lexington Ky based on the most recent statistics is over 328, 000. This big city is surrounded by numerous coffee shops, parks, bars, and restaurants. Most young professionals and families living in Lexington have moderate political views.

Lexington is also known for its thoroughbred racetracks and horse farms making it earn the title ‘Horse Capital of the World.

Around Lexington Kentucky are other known cities such as:

  • Lexington-Fayette KY
  • Richmond KY
  • Nicholasville KY
  • Frankfort KY
  • Winchester KY
  • Paris KY
  • Many other surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide cheap lawn mowing service for homes?

We know that there are several lawn mowing companies out there who are eager to make business with you. What makes us different is that we offer cost-effective rates for our services. We offer free estimates or free quotes.

Do you use safe lawn care products?

We guarantee that we use 100% environmentally-friendly and family-friendly products for yard fertilizer and weed control. These are also safe for your pets, so they can play in the grass freely.

How often does Lexington lawn mowing should take?

Our specialists recommend mowing or cutting the lawn once a week. You can call us for lawn treatment needs.

How much does your service cost?

We cannot give the exact rate since it depends on some factors. The right thing to do is to contact us and get a free estimate.

Is it normal to see weeds even after regular treatments?

Getting rid of the weeds completely is not easy. It requires consistent maintenance and care since weeds are stubborn and are quite difficult to pull away. It actually takes a year or two to get rid of these weeds. Do not worry because our team is here to monitor the condition of your lawn on a regular basis.

Customer Testimonials

There are lawn care companies near me, but I heard a lot about the good price for this company. They were right! Their services are certainly pocket-friendly. I finally found cheap lawn maintenance near me.

Jordan L.

There customer service is spot on. Everyone in the company is well versed in lawn care and they are all so friendly and polite even if I have a lot of questions.

Paula D.

I’m so happy with my lawn at the moment. I highly recommend this lawn service Lexington KY. I am so impressed with their services and prompt responses.

James C.

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Do you want to know how much it would for your lawn care service? Please give Lawn Care Kentucky Ky a call. If you need to get your landscape done the soonest possible, you can book an appointment with us. We are always available and we will send our specialists for inspection.

For faster response, we recommend using our online contact form. We will be asking for some of your personal information such as mobile number, email address, post address and full name. This way, we can locate your residential or commercial establishment. Send us the form immediately with accurate information to prioritize your concerns.

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